New Shuttlelift or Marine Travelift

Used Rubber Tire Gantry Cranes (RTGC)
- We may be able to find a used crane for your application through other dealers and customers who no longer need their crane.


Let us set up a service schedule that will support the maintenance program for your RTGC. A service program based on used will help your RTGC operating more effective

Routine inspection of your RTGC may help avoid major breakdown and industrial accidents. Provide general inspection with a service plan will help give you peace of mind. We recommend an inspection of general items (i.e. wire rope, sheeves, hose, etc.) at every service and a once a year inspection that is much more detailed. 
Third Party Inspection Service
If you're in the market for a used RTGC or have one for sale, we offer a third party inspection service.

Crane Moves
1st On-Site Service, LLC. Will move your RTGC for you. We'll teardown, loadout and re-erect at the new location. Call us for a quote @ 972-286-3433
Here we are at work repairing a collapsed crane